With competition and user’s expectations constantly increasing the key to success is striving to provide the best experiences possible. Using psychological insights and rigorous scientific methods I ensure that my clients’ visions can become reality. I provide my services in the forms of continuous consulting, workshops as well as talks.

"Working with Christian is like playing a great video game - you gain new experience, level up your skills, challenge yourself and have fun - all in an accessible way. He brings our company in-depth knowledge of UX, that we desperately needed."
Michal Kolejak
Pixel Federation

Want to improve your Products?

If you want to optimize an ongoing project or need help planning and executing future ones I'm always glad to help!

Some of the services I provide:

Understanding your users

I strive to provide new perspectives on how to approach product development by raising my clients awareness of their user’s psychology.

Experience Mapping

I help with identifying possible and actual pain points that your users are experiencing and work with you on solving them in accordance to your time and budget constraints.